For way too long, the way I viewed and used my body swung on a pendulum between obsession and neglect. Finally, in 2013, I began to invite the Lord into the conversation surrounding my health and wellness for the first time in my life. As I learned to honor Him with my body, I found freedom in the middle: No longer obsessing OR neglecting... but enjoying life in freedom! It didn't take long for me to realize this freedom was meant to be shared. I began my journey as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, & yoga teacher, and have never looked back. 

After years of teaching classes in-person, I created FitCrew.Online as a virtual community committed to empowering women to honor God in the areas of fitness and wellness. All of my classes weave together biblical teaching with movement, for an encouraging experience that will quickly become a welcome addition to your fitness routine. 

Faith + Fitness... can we do that? Oh yeah. Hop aboard this freedom train... There's plenty of room!


500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher
Revelation Wellness Instructor